How 3D Animation Helps You With The New Product Launch

How 3D Animation Helps You With The New Product Launch

How 3D Animation Helps You With The New Product Launch

3D Animation is not new to the business. From big corporates to the small business every one trusts in animated videos for various marketing goals. The Best video production company can help you to create engaging video content for your strategy. In this blog, we will discuss the challenges companies face while launching a new product. And how 3D product animation helps them. Let’s start with issues business face.

Challenges For New Product Launch?

Product Launch Checklist

Explaining Products Features Effectively

While launching a new product explaining its features and how it solves user’s problems is very critical. And if a company has a very complex product explaining it becomes more difficult. Hence, a lot of companies invest in creating engaging product videos. As data suggest 80% of people understand visuals communication in a better and faster way. Recently, Motorola launched its new Mobile “RAZER” and its 3D animated product video got huge views and shares, reaching to maximum audiences and explaining the product in an engaging way.

Proving Product’s Viability.

Proving the viability of your new product is quite important for the brand who is adding a new product on their list. Explaining Products features are comparatively easy than blending product with brand value harmoniously. In 2013 Google launched its high valued google glasses. However, the product wasn’t viable with their brand. As google glasses have quite a huge issue related to security.

Product Positioning.

While launching a product in market, correct positioning connects the product with Buyers. Customers don’t buy a product just because they like features of it. They buy if they can connect with the product. When Pamper launched in India at first they weren’t able to position the product correctly and has to re-launch it to become a success.

Challenges In Marketing A New Product

What Is Product Animation?

Product animation is animated representation of product in Video format. Unlike live shoot product videos animated video does not have any physical limitations. This animated product videos explain product features in a very simple and effective way. Animation allows creating the desired environment, effects, and character’s so with product features video can communicate branding and positioning of the product very softly. Animated product videos convince audiences in a very unnoticeable and soft manner.

Different Types of Product animation Videos?

3D Product animation has quite huge advances over live product videos. And a lot of big brands prefer 3D animated product videos for their product launch strategy. There are quite different types of product animation video which can be used at the time of product launch. Let’s see what are the different types of 3D product animation and where they can be used?

3D Product Explainer Video.

Explains all the features and pros of the product. Usually used at the time of product launch. Widely used at the rime of product launch events, exhibitions, etc.

Product Demo Video.

An animated product demo video explains how a product is used and useful for audiences. Good quality Product demo videos create great impact on audiences. Companies can use this product demo on their website or social handles.

Product Teaser Video.

its a few seconders animated video shows glimpse of the product. These videos are used in the prelaunch strategy. This video helps to create hype and excitement among audiences. These videos spread like wildfire.

Exploded Product Animation Video.

As the name suggests this type of video shows the internal part or mechanism of the product. It is highly used for building trust or showing a product quality to the consumer.

How It Help Business For New Product Launch.

Animated Videos For Business

Easy To Understand.

Visual content engages eyes and ears two of our sensory organs. These involvements of more than one sensory organ help audiences to understand and process given information in a quick manner. Hence all size businesses invest in creating high quality of Product explainer videos. Business uses these explainer videos at the time of product launch. So, they can grab the attention of more viewers and explain the usability of the product.

Simplify The Complex Information

3D animated video helps to simplify complex information. As in 3D animation, creativity is the only limitation you have. To explain a complex mechanical process with 3D animation we can show interiors of that product or machine. If its concept with animation we can create a desire environment or situation to explain things easily. While launching the product, it’s really important that you explain the product in a very simple way. And 3D animation does exactly the same hence, a lot of businesses use animated videos rather than PPT or leaflets for the product launch.

Leave Good Impact.

As per Forbes magazine 95 percent of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10 percent retain information from reading. So well-crafted animated video leaves a good impact on the audience about your product and brand.

Increase Brand Visibility.

Your 3D animated video does not only include products and its features. It also communicates the brand and its value. And an engaging video gets many likes and shares on digital platforms resulting in brand visibility.

Generates Customer Engagement.

As animated videos are more interactive it generates more customer engagement. According to research, 90 percent of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions.

Helps In Generating More Traffic On Website.

3D product animated video helps to increase more traffic on your website. If you upload a video of your new product on the website there will be 40% more traffic you will receive. As people prefer to visit a website who has a video on their landing page.

  • More importantly, the 3D animated video offers the best return on investment, as 51.9 percent of marketing experts agree.


To connect with consumers brands should find what exactly clients love. And as research, today’s audiences love videos hence In spite of how big or small brands you connect your audiences with animated videos. And if you want to launch a new product what can be the best option rather than having an Animated product video.

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