Best Free 3D Sculpting Software

Are you looking forward to knowing how 3d movies have detailed high-quality models, monsters, mermaids, and dinosaurs which died years ago? Well, they are created by 3d sculpting and with some of the Best Free Sculpting Software available in the market which also helps in digital art and 3d printing.

Best Free 3D Sculpting Software

Here is the list of the most popular sculpting software in the 3d market. These 3d modeling softwares are game-changers for 3d Artists as they are making life easier for them. Many production houses use them to speed up their workflow and create detailed creatures having millions of polygons. Working with a lot of polygons and applying high details to organic models is possible because of this.

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ZBrush Core Mini

zbrush images
Image from The Gnomon Workshop

ZBrushCoreMini is designed for new artists of all ages, with a streamlined interface that lets anyone jump right in and starts sculpting immediately. It is another digital sculpting tool that offers some powerful sculpting features which are used in production studios, movies as well as computer games. It is used to create highly detailed models like with up to 40 million polygons models with UV mapping. ZBrush supports all major 3D printing file formats including STL (stereolithography), OBJ, and VRML.

Company Profile: ZBrush is one of the most popular and trustworthy companies with the highest industry standard when talking about high detailed sculpting for 3d detailed models. Zbrush can be easily integrated with software like Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D.

Each pixel in this tool is called to as “pixol” which contains information about depth, orientation, material, and color value. Being the most popular software for 3d sculpting, a lot of online training and courses are available to learn about best practices for this tool. Also, If anyone wants to create the 3d models with rights reserved for their buyers, they can sell them to online marketplaces and earn so cash as well. This can allow many animators to get character animation artists to get a variety of characters with the best 3d modeling features.

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Price: Free.



Image Source_Pixologic

Sculptris is a 3d digital sculpting tool created by Pixologic which can be used for 3d printing. It is used to create highly detailed meshes. It is a nice free tool to start your digital journey and experiment with its features. Its features are easy to learn and implement.

Sculptris also lets you import 3D meshes (.obj) for further detailing and modifying 3d sculpting. It is not as detailed as Zbrush and another sculpting is the reason this tool has limited functions.

Company Profile: Pixologic is a leading company in the 3d industry. It is widely popular and develops and markets innovative tools for film, video games, and sculpting. Pixologic has been an important reason for high-end graphics which we see today everywhere around us.

Price: Free




Meshmixer is state-of-the-art 3d sculpting software for working with triangle meshes. It is another 3d sculpting software in the market from Autodesk. It is considered a “swiss army knife” for creating 3d meshes. Whether you want to have a 3D scan, do some 3D printing, doing 3d sculpting, or design an object that fits something else? Meshmixer is able to perform all of the tasks with proper geometry representations of the objects. 3.3 is the latest version for Meshmixer in the market right now.

Some of the 3d modeling tools inside the Meshmixer are as follows:

  • Drag-and-Drop Mesh Mixing.
  • 3D Sculpting and Surface Stamping.
  • Robust Convert-to-Solid for 3D printing.
  • 3D Patterns & Lattices.
  • Hollowing (with escape holes!).
  • Branching Support Structures for 3D printing.
  • Automatic Print Bed Orientation Optimization, Layout & Packing.
  • Advanced selection tools including brushing, surface-lasso, and constraints.
  • Remeshing and Mesh Simplification/Reducing.
  • Mesh Smoothing and Free-Form Deformations.
  • Hole Filling, Bridging, Boundary Zippering, and Auto-Repair.
  • Plane Cuts, Mirroring, and Booleans.
  • Extrusions, Offset Surfaces, and Project-to-Target-Surface.
  • Interior Tubes & Channels.
  • Precise 3D Positioning with Pivots.
  • Automatic Alignment of Surfaces.
  • 3D Measurements.
  • Stability & Thickness Analysis.

Company Profile: The company behind this cool sculpting application is Autodesk which is a leader in 3d graphics industry and has created one of the topmost sculpting software in the market. It is an American multinational software corporation that makes software services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries since 1982. It has offices all over the world. Its U.S. locations are California, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. And its Canada offices are located in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.

Autodesk also allows this software to download from the App store.

Price: Free



Blender is a free 3D open source 3d program. It is used in creating games, animated films, 3d printing. While its features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animating, match moving, rendering, motion graphics, video editing, motion tracking, and compositing.

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Company Profile: A Dutch animation studio NeoGeo started to work on Blender software. Its version 1 was released in  January 1995. Blender was released as freeware online on 1 January 1998. It’s latest version 2.83 is very much improved with having a lot of advanced and high-end features and interface with the grease pencil tool, added VR capability, hair simulation. Also, other features like bug fixes and usability improvements for fluid systems, new cloth brush is added, new clay thumb brush, a newly designed layer brush are also added to make it more powerful in 2020. It can work in any operating system.

Also, using retopology tools like 3d coat can help a 3d design, clay object, or object from other modeling materials into a production-ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. This 3d sculpting software is the perfect choice for creating base models and working with polygon mesh.

Price: Free




Sculpt GL is not software but in fact, it is a web-based app. This is a free app and does not require a signup. It runs in a web browser and it is not powerful like Zbrush but it is a nice way to understand and try your hands on digital sculpting and working with digital art. It can also be used for 3d printing and is regarded as one of the best 3d sculpting programs.

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It is having tons of features which are as follows:

Sculpting tools

  1. Standard tools: Brush, Inflate, Smooth, Twist, Drag, etc.
  2. PBR Vertex Painting (color, roughness, metalness).
  3. Alpha texture support for each tool.

Multiresolution Sculpting

  1. Quad-tri Subdivison (Catmull-Clark/loop).
  2. Reversion (compute opposite of subdivision if possible).
  3. Navigating from low/high poly level subdiv will retain sculpting changes.
  4. Keep UVs (both reversion and subdivision).

Voxel Remeshing

  1. Uses SurfaceNets meshing algorithm (produces quad-only mesh).
  2. Uniform remeshing (quads will have the same size).
  3. It can also create a non-manifold vertex.
  4. In the case of a non closed mesh, a naive hole-filling algorithm is performed first.
  5. Deletes UV.

Dynamic Topology.

  1. Triangles only.
  2. 3d file operates in real-time.
  3. Local subdivision (create new triangles).
  4. Local decimation (deletes triangles).
  5. Deletes UV.

Supports OBJ, PLY, STL import/export.

  1. Reads vertex color.
  2. Optimizes post and pre transform cache (tipsy algorithm).

Undo/Redo support.

Company Profile: SculptGL is a digital sculpting web app with resources available on GitHub. This 3d modeling software is powered by WebGL and Javascript. It let 3d artist to sculpt 3D characters in the browser and publish them in 1 click to

Price: Free



Mudbox image
Image from Autodesk

Mudbox is a high-end 3d Sculpting and 3d painting software designed for 3d modelers. It was Developed by former Weta Digital artists Tibor Madjar, David Cardwell, and Andrew Camenisch. This software was first used in the 2005 King Kong movie.

This sculpting application has some very high industry standard and can help create high detailed 3d models with detailed sculpting, polygonal modeling, and texture painting. Regarded as one of the most professional 3d modeling and sculpting tools, This software can be used to work with base models and can handle high detailed 3-dimensional modeling with ease.

According to Wikipedia:– The Mudbox user interface is a 3D environment that allows the creation of movable cameras that can be bookmarked. Models created within the program typically start as a polygon mesh that can be manipulated with a variety of different tools. A model can be subdivided to increase its resolution and the number of polygons available to sculpt with. 3D layers allow the user to store different detail passes, blending them with multiplier sliders and layer masks.

Company Profile: Mudbox is owned by Autodesk. Initially, this high-end 3d modeling software was developed by Skymatter Ltd in Newzealand. Later on this software and acquired by Autodesk Company on 6 August 2007.

Price: This software offers a free trial and can be purchased as a year subscription for 80$. Because of the features this tool offers, this small amount justifies its price tag and this is called as one of best sculpting programs.


Rocket F

Another great free software in this list is Rocket F. This software is a polygonal modeler created for Concept Artists and Designers by Samardac & IStonia Partnership Limited. Working on this software is like drawing – very Simple and Inspiring!

Unfortunately, their website is not working.

Final Words:

So this was the article on Top 3D Sculpting Software in the market. Using these 3d software in your workflow is the easiest way to work with millions of polygons. Creating high detailed models is not a tough and impossible job now. Thanks to these user friendly high-end tools, which makes the life of 3d modeler easy and puts him on the learning curve. Also, with easy to learn techniques 3d printing is opening new opportunities for digital art and 3d modeling.

You might want to get started with these awesome free sculpting tools and we hope you really liked this article. Please do not forget to share it with your friends and help us get some exposure.

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