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Animation festivals
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If you are an animation and movie lover or a filmmaker or animation student and is deeply fascinated by animation festivals and international events. Then this article is for you. Just read this guide and let us know in comments how do you feel about it.

Top Animation Festivals

Animation has been around us for a very long time and is going to be in the future for a very long time as well. We enjoy when we see animated characters are dancing as well as entertaining us as well. Well, the best of animation movies are also showcased into these informative and awesome festivals.

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Depending on what category they are chosen, they won many awards and therefore are well respected among animation lovers across the world. Many people even got awards at these big events due to showcasing their talent at such a  big platform.

There are many filmmakers in the world and when it comes to submitting their projects to film festivals. There are so many platforms related to festivals for animation and below are some of the popular ones which can be attended to gain exposure in the animation industry and have strong networking as well.

World Animation day is also another event celebrated on 28 October which is very popular among animators from all over the world.

Some Of The Popular International Festivals For Animation Are As Follows:

Annecy International Animated Film Festival:

Annecy Animation festival

This festival is regarded as one of the most famous events in the animation industry. This movie festivals begins on Monday, 10 June and ends on Saturday, 15 June and is rated as one of the best animation events across the world. It is considered a major international event for more than 11,000 industry professionals.

This event has a very old history since 1960. They receive a huge number of shorts and feature films, TV and commissioned films, VR Works from all over the world. They have no entry fees for submissions.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Ottawa International
Ottawa International

Ottawa festival as founded in 1975 in Ottawa, Canada. The first festival was held from August 10 to 15. With a long history of amazing submissions from many years. This event is not to be missed event. It ran as alternate years from 1997 to 2003 but after that in 2005, it has been running as an annual festival.

Animafest Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.

Animafest Zagreb
Animafest Zagreb

Animafest is a movie festival dedicated to animated films. It is held in Croatia. Initiated by Asifa, this event was established in 1972 by Asifa. Animafets is second largest fest in the world after Asifa was launched in 1960.

Awards like Lifetime achievement award and outstanding contribution to animation awards are also popular in this event.

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Holland festival
Holland festival

HAFF (Holland Animation Film festival) is an international festival for animated films in Netherland. They present festival programs since 2010. HAFF provides a national and international platform for animation where talented people can showcase their work.

There are international competitions for feature films, short movies and even for Dutch animation, students films, 8+ films and even for webs films. Giving a push to rising talent and animation professionals is the motive of this event and it is one of the most popular festivals on animation in Europe.

Top Animation festivals
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Anifilm, Trebon, Czech Republic.

Anifilm is an animated film festival held in Třeboň, Czech Republic. It was found in 2010 and have awards in various categories like best film, short films, feature film, music video.

This is a great event to see best-animated films from the entire spectrum of animation.

Few Other Popular Festivals on Animation Are As Follows:

2d Or Not 2d.
Anibar International.
Anifest Czech Republic.
Animofest Slovak Republic.
Baros International.
Anima Mundi.
Animaze Festival.
Animafest Zagreb.
The Animation Show.
ANIMATOR FESTIVAL – International Animated Film Festival.
Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games.
Annecy International Animated Film Festival.
Canterbury Anifest.
Córdoba International Festival – ANIMA.
Conscious Cartoons International.
Cortoons Gandia.
Encounters Short Film.
Festival of Animation Berlin – FAB.
Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials.
Hamburg Animation Award.
Hiroshima International.
International Animation and Cartoon Festival.
KLIK! Amsterdam.
KROK International Animated Films Festival.
London International.
Melbourne International.
Ottawa International.
ReAnimania International Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan.
Red Stick International.
Scotland Loves Animation.
Seoul International Cartoon.
Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation.
SUPERTOON International.
Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema.

Submitting Films To Festivals:

To gain exposure, fame and even industry recognition among leaders of animation communities, submitting movies to these events is a great way to showcase your talent. However, winning awards at these events is not easy and it takes a very good amount of animation masterpiece to win that trophy.

Bets way to contact these events is going to there websites and find the button to submit your movie. Along with that attending these events can also help in understanding what others are doing and what is current industry standard.

Important note:

This article was published after taking information for various sources like Wikipedia and official websites of these events.

Final Words

We hope you really like the article about Animation festivals. Attending these events is a great way to gain professional information and great exposure from learning how to storyboard for animation to creating high-quality animation in the right way and gaining competitive advantage.

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