Best Animation Schools In The World: Complete A to Z Guide Over Animation Education


Best Animation Schools In The World

To move forward in one of most skillful jobs (Animation), you need to be getting taught by the best. There is a huge demand in the entertainment industry for highly skilled talented people to fill the gap of talent which can be learned and mastered by joining any good animation school. So if you are looking for an article where you can learn about top schools over animation. This article is for you. Animation industry which has one of most demanding jobs ever create opportunities for young, talented and passionate people to come and join hands in this digital production industry. With too many studios producing movies, games and music videos, there are requirements of artists which can produce stunning 3d artwork.

Best Animation Schools in the world
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3D Animation which is one of the most exciting career opportunities worldwide can be learned by self, joining any university, art school, college or online. There are numerous Animation schools all over the world which can provide high-quality education as well as add lot of value in terms of knowledge and skills. With too many exciting career options available for aspiring young people all around the globe, there is one industry which is creative, full of rewards and challenges, fun and offers great perks. That industry is Animation industry which is one of most skillful jobs in the world.

Benefits of attending animation school:

  • Networking opportunities.
  • Big exposure to quality education.
  • Degree from a reputable organization.
  • Reference letter.
  • Placement opportunities.

Top Animation Schools In The World

Top Animation Schools In The World
Image source – Flickr

Here is the list of the world’s top animation schools which not only have gained reputation but their students also have managed to enter Big production houses. Becoming an Animator and working for a top studio is always a dream for many animation enthusiasts.

Gobelins: Gobelins Animation school is located in Paris, this animation school has been on the market for around 50 years and has produced one of the best artworks and students in market of animated filmmaking, graphic and motion design, photography, interactive design, printed and digital communication, video gaming, video, and sound. They also offer Masterclass animation series and summer animation courses for students as well focussing on animation education only. Entering into Gobelins is very hard due to its very tough entrance criteria and the quality of education taught there is considered as one of best in the world.


Courses available: 

Location: Paris.

Sheridan College: Located in Ontario, Canada. Sheridan College is one of the most reputable colleges in Canada. Anyone who wants to enroll in this college must have a strong portfolio of art pieces as entering into this college is not easy. More information about their college can be found on their website regarding campus, reputation, faculties, fees and previous work of students.


Courses available:

Location: Ontario, Canada

Cal Arts: Located in the United States, This college offers 4 Year BFA in Character Animation is provided in this university. Based on various modules in their curriculum, CalArts is one of the most reputable colleges in America. More information about this amazing program can be found out below.


Courses available: 

Location: California, United States.


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