What Is Computer Animation? An In-Depth Article Over CG

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Don’t worry as today in this article, I’m going to provide you an in-depth detailed answer on What is computer animation. Because I’m doing great in CG sector and know almost everything about it.

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What Is Computer Animation?

To understand this in detail we have to start from the basics. So we can cover each and every information about our topic.

Animation done on a computer is simply described as a combination of a Graphics and technology using a 3d or 2d Software, adding movement and giving them an illusion of life. In other words, digital animation is all about creating electronic images using a pc and combining it with sound.

What Is Computer Animation
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With technology moving ahead day by day, we can see a lot of graphics and animations are involved in Tv commercials, newspapers, video games, movies, presentations, intros, music videos and much more.

Animation not only adds value to any but also gives a more realistic approach if we compare them to newspaper ads. When series of images are generated using computers.

We can expect a lot of in-depth high-quality 3d and 2d computer graphics which is actually tricking human eyes and giving them an illusion of movement. To become an animator or a very skillful artist who is very good at doing animation on the computer, that person needs to join any animation or art schools.

A very high-quality animation education is provided there which opens doors for working in the showbiz and chance to fulfill their dreams.

Often called as CGI or Computer Generated Imagery, when it comes to movies, has taken a huge portion of the market if we talk about the entertainment industry. It can be further divided into 2 parts.

Computer generated animation or 3D where complete animation is depending on computers while the second form of animation revolves around cell animation which people also called as 2d animation where artists create drawings on paper using pencil and instead of computers, they use lightbox.

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Animation meaning can also understand when a lot of still images are playing in continuous form. The images are placed in sequence but are shifted with a new image with few changes. This is how the illusion of movements is achieved in this craft.

Computer Animation Softwares
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Animation Softwares like 3Ds Maya and 3D Max are the backbones for creating 3D Animations and Visual Effects. For anyone who wants to master the techniques used in digital entertainment industry, a deep understanding of these high-end Softwares is the must important thing.

Animation on a computer is actually a successor to stop motion techniques, which is an old technique now. What is done in 3D Softwares is, they create characters in form of models. Then characters are keyframed at a particular position and are placed with some slight movements at another frame.

The whole process keeps continuing until the need of the required animation. Once done, all of the objects, characters or models start moving according to the script and are played according to the sound which is also added to the timeline.

With so much challenge, struggle and patience required, computer graphics industry jobs provide a rewarding career opportunity along with perks. Now below I will explain you about different types of animation.

What Is 2D Animation

2D/ Flash Animation: 2D Animation is another form of animation where 2d Characters along with backgrounds etc, are created in Adobe Flash software. In some companies, the 2d software may be different. The 2D software has its own demand, budgets are very less in 2d projects as compared to 3d projects.

What Is 2D Animation
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2d Animation involves working with 2 dimensions only, height and breadth only. Even though some tricks are applied like creating gradients in objects to give them a bit depth and moving them out of a group of simple flat colors.

What Is 3D Animation

3D Animation:  3d animation is a technique used in 3d software which combines visual high-end graphics in a sequence and produces high quality renders which furthers converts into video clips and are played on computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets and on the internet as well. 3D animation often needs a big-budget, high-end computer systems, and rendering machines.

What Is 3D Animation
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With a lot of companies from United States, Canada, Uk. A lot of stunning games, movies, android and ios apps are released every year. Over the past few years, after Android and IOS entered into the world of technology. We have seen some stunning games in many past years. One of popular WWE game WWE 2K17  featuring Goldberg became so popular that WWE brings Goldberg back to wresy=tle Brock Lesnar.

One more example how 3d is taking over graphics and visual effects industry is when Rocky Balboa was released in 2006. It was based on a video game fight between Rocky and another boxer. The game was looking so realistic and was one of the reasons for making that movie huge money. Because in that movie, high quality renders and characters were created using statistics, images of the real actors.

Schools For Learning Animation

So after getting an answer for what is animation in computer graphics, it’s time to look for the some best animation schools to learn this art and craft and master it. Any aspirant needs to learn some basics. Basics include a deep knowledge of sketching, character design, motion, body movement, weight, balance and color theories.

Salary in this industry is highly depending upon how much efficient and knowledge that a person has. if someone wants to learn basics, he can join any art school, practice basic drawing skills and learn how he can become good in visualization.

Joining schools to learn CG is also a good option because it opens a lot of doors for new guys and after learning different modules of animation like. Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Visual Effects, Rendering, Rigging, Animation, Video Editing, Compositing.

They can master one or two skills and utilize that knowledge and create a demo reel with the help of their instructors at those institutes. Send that demo reel to animation companies and apply for the interview. Animation schools can be attended by joining their campus program or by attending animation classes and emerge out as a skillful animator.

Some of the popular Animation Institutes and Schools are as follows.

Animation schools in the United States:

  • Ringling College of Art and design (Florida).
  • School of Visual Arts (Newyork).
  • California Institute or Arts (California).
  • Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia).
  • Yale University (Connecticut).
  • Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island).
  • Full Sail University (Florida).
  • Academy of Art University (San Francisco).
  • Gnomon School of Visual Effects (California)
  • Animation Mentor (Online Animation College).
  • IAnimate (Online Animation College).
  • University of California (Los Angeles).
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh).

Some of above animation universities offer a degree program in filmmaking, while some offer a degree in arts. Fees may vary from local student to international students. For International students, criteria are a bit tough, as they need to apply and acceptance in those programs is not easy. then traveling costs, food and rent along with working full time towards studies.

 learning animation

While, Some schools prefer an online education that means any person who wish to join them, may no need to come and join classes on the campus. Everything will be taught online by real industry experts. The people who will be teaching classes are industry professionals working in Hollywood movie and gaming studios.

With time moving so fast, so as the standard of Graphics and Animation. It is highly recommended that to become professional visual effects and animation master. Anyone should try to attend these courses along with a strong command over various modules of arts like sketching, color theory, balance, life drawing, portrait drawing and much more.

Every year Hollywood movies are producing one after another blockbuster which is responsible for giving us more entertainment. But these special effects, animation, mind-blowing graphics and 3d works. there is a huge team of professional artists whose purpose is to create better versions of their previous output.

So, Finally I hope you got all the basic as well as some advance information about topics like 2D and 3D Animation.

I will keep this article updated with the latest happening on the topics, so visit us again.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.