6 Ways to Design a Business Logo Using Software

The right logo is vital for your business to be presented to the world. Your logo becomes the identity of your business, and in today’s digital sphere it defines who you are as a brand. Since a logo is the first step to recognition, a custom design is preferred on part of most brand owners. More and more people nowadays are using online software to create their logo designs.

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Designing a business logo can be tricky work. An online software does come with a range of templates that use algorithms to work with the specific nature of your business. It would appear that creating designs has never been so simple. But this is not quite the case.

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The Importance of a Business Logo

A logo can be described as a graphical representation of the name of your business. It is manipulated into a design figure with varying fonts. This wordmark along with the text can come in many forms, such as a gif, and is used in a majority of media. Online logo makers have recently become commonplace and there are many to choose from. Although these software are effective in functionality, it is up to the brand to decide what is adequate for their brand presentation.

Generic logos exist everywhere, but they will not catch the eye of customers or possible investors. These logos are easily forgettable and will not help your brand in getting the recognition you are looking for. Your design should elicit a feeling within the customer, a strong emotion that will make your logo memorable.

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Your Brand Perception

When you are in the process of creating your business logo, there are many things to consider. Your brand perception is the main focus of any design as it should be unique and powerful. The impact of a logo can be felt by consumers only if thought is put into its creation. Everything your brand represents is in that logo. The following are some factors that can help your logo:

A Clear Message

Whatever you want to say about your business, should be clearly represented in your logo. The display is not only a way of reaching recognition, but also establishing the identity of your company. Your message and goal should be cohesive and a clear statement without any sort of ambiguity.

Market Research

A logo may seem an easy thing to conjure up. But designing a logo that people remember and recognize is not all that simple. With a lot of market research and countless referrals, you can get started on a logo that your buyers will enjoy. Designers will have to create a range of different samples before you find one you like and then use it for your business.

Interactive Design

Logo designs should be interactive, especially when it comes to your business. It should be engaging to your consumers and communicate your message clearly to the world. This can only happen if the goals, experiences and needs of your company are part of the overall design experience and can create a balance between the three.

The Link between Software and Logo Design

Having a logo professionally designed can be expensive. Sometimes you’re looking to get a logo on a budget, which means that you want all the creative legwork with minimal cost. To achieve a quality design without spending millions on a designer, you can use some online tools and software. There are a number of platforms that offer editing and customization for your business logo, without the hands on assistance of a designer. Logo-making programs are becoming popular as people become used to these online options.

Here are a few ways you can get a great logo for your business using these readily available tools:

Vector Graphic Editors

These are a popular preference for designing business logos. You can use them to scale your logo to any size you want, and lose none of the image quality. Not only will this look great on a business card, but can also pop up on a billboard. To perform this more advanced graphical task you can use software such as BoxySVG and Inkscape.

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Image Manipulation Programs

This is the best way to use software to your advantage. Adobe Illustrator is the gold standard for image manipulation since it comes with a range of advanced features. You can scale your logo according to any set requirements, and add any textual elements with ease. Furthermore, you can even add effects and manage different styles for your logo, along with implementing individual characters to have greater control of the design. Multiple coloring, gradients and art boards can be setup for individual grading.

Focusing on Details

Your logo will be the right design for your company if you pay more attention to details. Using a software like CorelDRAW can make any ordinary design look rich and detailed, as well as make the graphics stand out. Other things you can look into are layouts and tracings for a more impressive design type. Not only will you be able to come up with symmetrical designs, but also add some vector shadows for alignment and even distribution.

Add Special Effects

If you have minimal design skills, it does not mean that your company logo will suffer. There are plenty of software that come at a onetime price with many templates to improve your logo. Laughingbird is an example of a logo maker with more than 170 templates that can customize your logo to your liking.  The special effects will make your logo look bold and loud, as well as save you a lot of money. Unconventional logos can be created with ease through these kinds of software, the perfect way to make your company stand out.

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Ambitious Creativity

The issue with the digitization of images is that they can either scale in size and lose their quality or come with a set number of pixels. Design software tends to prioritize one over the other but you can use Affinity Designer to achieve both these results. Complex graphics and illustrations can be put into your logo through this software, thus enhancing creative ambitions that make your business different from the rest.


Although there are many options out there for good design software, you have to pick out what suits your needs the best. With the purpose of your logo in mind, you have to consider your budget and then make the right decision. This is especially important for business owners who are looking for a more professional software to make their logo stand out in the competitive corporate world.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.