Are Disney Internships Paid? A Complete Guide For A Break At Disney Studio

Everyone artist wants to work with Disney Studios but Are Disney Internships Paid? 

Working in the animation industry as an animator, this is a dream to many artists in the world. Even getting internships in Disney company is something which not many people can have in their resumes. But Not many people knows about Disney Internships?

This is a question which arises in minds of many people. So, we will discuss this in this article.

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Are Disney Internships Paid?

Gaining a professional experience in a company like Disney is not only invaluable but also open doors for new opportunities. But working for Disney studios and getting accepted to their program at a time when they have doors opened for internships is something which is not opened 12 months.

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But the good news is it has its own benefits, which can result in a career boost which is required to have a big success in the Computer Graphics world.

The answer to this question is yes.

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Disney internships are paid. Not only they offer a great exposure from industry experts who are well-respected professionals. But they also help gain top-notch experience in animation industry which is further necessary for career growth.

5 Reasons Disney Animation Internship Can Help You Stay Ahead

Having a competitive edge over your competitors and other animators and artists from all over the world are very important to survive in this tough industry.

Here are a few important points which can help you and understand the value of internship in such a fantastic studio.

Endless Possibilities.

Disney is a big brand for a long time in the Animation and Visual effects industry. And working under big supervisors and directors will provide a great learning experience.

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Working On Real Projects.

Having a chance to work on high-quality projects which are world famous and are under Disney directors. Anyone would love to grab that chance. Improving skill and working on cool projects. The deadly combo of both will give a boost to your career.

Disney Difference

Having Disney name on your resume is going to be very valuable while applying for a job. Disney has a very high reputation in terms of quality content and that will give you edge over other artists.


Having working experience from a company who has been in the industry from a long time gives an advantage to people who worked there.

You will get paid.

One of the amazing things with internships at this place is you will get paid for your time, energy and hard work. Not all internships are paid but here you will be paid for your work.

Disney Studio
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Hard Is It To Get A Disney Professional Internship?

Disney Professional Internships team is looking for talented candidates from time to time for a variety of internship opportunities.

  • Use your professional contacts and references. Sometimes it is something like who you know, References work sometimes. And that can help to get your résumé on the table “pulled from the stack” and put in front of the right person. But in the end, you have to win the internship yourself.

Disney Internship Resume

  • Making your résumé stand out from the crowd. Recruiters only spend a few seconds on a resume before deciding whether or not to move on. So make sure your skills are mentioned properly. Your résumé should be appropriate for the roles you are applying for, for example, A creative résumé for an artist, animator, graphic designer or painter position should showcase your skills in that desired field.
  • Do not present a sloppy résumé that is too long to read and is not formatted well, or inappropriate for the industry you are applying to.

Cover Letter Samples For Disney

If you write a cover letter for the internship, Please use it to tell why you are excited about that particular position and how you would be a great fit, if chosen.

Make it easy to read for the interviewer. Use short paragraphs and bullet points if appropriate and do not make it very long as they have to go through a lot of resumes.

Some Disney Cover letter samples

Disney Professional Internships FAQ

Having an internship at Disney studio is a good starting point and a way of starting a journey like no other. Disney Studio also gives you the opportunity to learn from leaders, directors, big artists and peers in a team environment, and allows you to grow as a professional. So what are you waiting for?

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Final Thoughts.

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