Best Graphic Design Blogs – A Must Read Guide for Graphic Designers in 2017


Top 5 Graphic Design Blogs you should follow in 2017

Graphic Design Blogs
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Are you looking for the what is working in 2017 graphic design industry, where to place design, what color and themes to choose? Well, here is the list of top graphic design blogs which can help anyone improve style, layout, and quality of any business, website, graphic project or create any 2d animation project etc. Those were the days when a small text is written with not much creativity involved until a few years ago. But time is changed, Earlier creating graphic used to be considered as text on a simple canvas and it is finished. But now time is changing, with internet reaching out to more and more hands in form of devices, there is a huge increase of mobile apps, responsive layout websites, WordPress blogs.

Graphic Design Blogs to follow
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Demand for skillful designers is increasing so as for excellent color themes, proper icons matching themes of the project. These small detailed topics are becoming a necessary part of every graphic project and the result is so many websites, apps, movie posters, banners on websites are having excellent color combination and stunning graphics and effects work in them. Best designers follow some great websites, focus on learning more and more about latest stuff, technologies, software, plugins or tricks. With latest updates of software’s coming, again and again, it’s important for graphic and animation professionals to stay updated by attending webinars, seminars or meetings and keeping ahead themselves in latest updates features.

Some Graphic design blogs to follow are as follows:

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David Airey’s blog: David from Northern Ireland is a graphic designer and occasional writer. He has also written a  book on creating logos LOGO DESIGN LOVE which is written in 11 languages. With over a million visitors a year, this website is considered as one of best resource on the internet over art, design, and articles over graphics and learning a bit about branding as well.
David has worked with clients like BBC, Yellow Pages, Berthier, Chase Jarvis, Rupp and Portland Stone Firms etc.

David is a master in branding and while talking about creating visual identities. Anyone running design business related services, should follow his blog to know more about branding and improve his knowledge and gather more information about designing. He also offers advice to design students on his blog which ranging from designing, storyboard, and branding.


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Creative Bloq: This blog is focussed on new creative ideas, provides daily inspiration in the industry of graphics, web, digital art, typography and illustration along with expert level tutorials. They also provide a free magazine to help yourself in the job, industry updates and join 100,000 members. This blog is a leading publisher and is part of Future Plc, an International Media group.

Best graphic design blogs
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Creative Bloq tries to bring the very best of information in the industry of graphics, 3d and keeping them updated with latest trends in this competitive industry.


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Onextrapixel: Onextrapixel is another website which provides high-quality web design and development and is regarded as one of the genuine source for what is happening in the industry of graphics and web. This online web magazine is one of the best resource for people who are passionate about the web and graphic industry.

A lot of freebies are provided in this website which is related to graphics and vectors which can be used in any presentation, website or any 2d animation project or powerpoint slide. Some awesome deals from topmost web companies are also there to get some discounts and coupon codes to help you in starting your online journey in the world of graphics world and blog design.


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Creative Nerds: This blog is focussed on design tutorials, articles, and provide freebies like Photoshop brushes, vectors, icons, photoshop textures and actions, tutorials and quick tips over photoshop and illustrator, latest news on graphic design and web world. There is also a section which provides premium stuff like Photoshop brushes, vector, PSD files, and textures.

On subscribing this wonderful resource, a 500 + Design resource to practice and test your graphic design skills will be sent to your email as a welcome gift.


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DesignerFix: DesignerFix is another blog over graphic design and web design updates and providing high-quality information and updates. This website also provides some cool deals in form of discounts for many software’s, online courses, and other items and is considered as one of the best web design blog. This website is considered as one of the perfect resources for knowing and learning more about iPhone themes, fonts, icons, patterns, photoshop brushes, photoshop patterns, WordPress stuff, web design elements, web development tools, web hosting and all graphic needs.


A Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer

In the competitive industry of graphics and visuals, a day in the life of graphic designer is full of to-do lists, create endless designs and different combinations of colors and themes in his brain, creating meaningful designs, having appeal to attract and communicate at the visual level. Below is a video from youtube channel of Howcasttechgadgets explaining his role and responsibilities.

Graphic Designs are the major focus while talking about any website, designs related to print media, Android, and IOS Apps or any background in a presentation. Good Graphic Designs are the base for the success of any project. Even in movie banners, there are a lot of editing and effects work involved by a team of skillful artists which work day and night to produce the best artwork and which stands out in the crowd and creates appeal in the brain of the people watching it. While a degree in any at discipline helps in achieving right education which then is further utilized by companies to create strong artwork, design, logo, animations or any graphic work.

Roberto Blake explaining in his youtube video about what is the importance of a graphic design blog, how to become successful in graphic industry and properly market and promote yourself. Learning more about personal branding also helps in becoming an authority in their own industry.

Along with that working hard on making strong basics, following right people who are either experienced or doing a great job in their own respective industries. Following some cool websites and working on right strategies and attending online seminars and workshops play important role in this. Practicing with freebies in own projects and creating account on freelancing websites like  Freelancer to bag few projects to cover costs and moving ahead. Making industry connections and implementing strategies learned from them in works.

Final thoughts: So, This was the article over Best Blogs in 2017 for Graphic Design. We are glad to provide you information about this topic and we hope you really liked our article and other related information provided in it. Please visit our other pages to know more and animation and graphics industry. Stay tuned for more articles.


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