Graphic Designer – To Be Or Not To Be

Everything from magazine companies to warehouses needs a graphic designer on-hand to handle their everyday needs. We have seen a large shift in the mindset of the business world where everything must be presented in a visual format. Images garner more of an emotional reaction than large blocks of text. Guess what? People make purchases based on their emotions, so that’s why images tend to convert at a much higher rate than simple text ads. In short, graphic design is a high demand job.

Individuals who are artistically talented and possess advanced computer skills often find themselves in a position where they step into a lucrative career path. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before taking the plunge into the graphic design world.

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The fact is that choosing a career is the most crucial decision of your life so you should not take it lightly. Sure, you might be tempted by dollar signs alone but there is much more than goes into this important decision. We spend roughly one-third of our lives at work so a career should be centered on something you love. Unfortunately, most people don’t put enough thought into their career, so they end up at jobs they don’t like. This leads to unhappiness and in many cases, resentment.

Advantages of Choosing a Career as a Graphic Designer

Let’s start on a positive note and look at the many advantages of choosing a career in graphic design.

Pro #1: You Can Work from Home

Many people have made a lucrative career as a freelance graphic designer, so they have the freedom to choose their schedule and location. Everyone wants freedom, so this is appealing to a lot of individuals. However, managing clients is not always easy. But it is quite rewarding in that you get to develop specific business skills that can be used to create wealth.

However, those of you who prefer structure might be better off finding an agency to work for like the Back Office Pro company. My point here is that you have the freedom to choose!

Pro #2: Graphic Designers are in High Demand

Designers are in high demand across all industries, so it’s not difficult for new opportunities for both freelancers and those looking for a structured job. Furthermore, graphic designers are highly coveted. Every business around the world needs to have designs some on some level, whether it’s their company logo or website design.

Pro #3: People Appreciate your Work

Graphic design is appreciated by both customers and businesses. It impresses customers, creating an emotional reaction while businesses will love that it’s driving in more customers. Graphic designers hold one of the most appreciated positions within a company.

People are going to notice your work. Lack of appreciation is one of the biggest reasons why traditional artists (like painters and sculptors) give up.

Pro #4: Flex your Creative and Analytical Muscles

Graphic design sets itself apart from traditional art in that it forces you to flex both creativity and logic as you work on pieces. One of the theories that experts throw out there is that the left side of the brain is where we find logic while the right side gives birth to creativity. Graphic designers are forced to switch between the two.

I know this might sound like a con, but the truth is that it gives you more freedom. You’ll be coming up with unique designs that require you to tap into your creativity. It’s fun and engaging. At the same time, your logic will dictate how this translates within the tools you’re using.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Career as a Graphic Designer

I’m sure you’re ready to leap at the opportunity to become a graphic designer after having seen the advantages. Before you dive into this lucrative career, it’s important that you understand the struggles.

Con #1: Graphic Design is Completely Subjective

Everyone has their own opinion about whether a specific design looks good or not. It’s a completely subjective world that you will be entering. Sometimes, graphic designers struggle when they create an amazing piece of work only to have their client tell them it’s bad. They then must decide how to recreate it in a way to place that person. It can be a tough pill to swallow.

Con #2: Most People Think it’s Easy

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people tell me that graphic design is “easy.” They think that a designer can just throw them a logo together in a day, but that’s not even close to being realistic. I’ve even seen authors post job descriptions on freelancing sites like: “Book cover design. Easy work. Should only take a couple of hours.” The reality is that quality graphic design takes time.

Con #3: Edits are Overwhelming

Nothing is more frustrating than having a client come back to you with a list of edits that would require you to start from scratch. That’s why it’s essential that you set boundaries up-front. If you are freelancing, then make sure you determine an exact number of edits for the work. Anything more would cost the client extra. And then stick to your guns.

Con #4: Graphic Design is an Ultra-Competitive Market

Even though graphic designers are in high demand, it’s still a highly-competitive market. There are so many people looking for graphic design work so you will need to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Furthermore, in a lot of cases, you are not even allowed to showcase previous work in your portfolio. Initially, you might be forced to take on some low paying work to develop a reputation.

Painting the Picture

As said earlier, choosing a career path is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Sum up the pros and cons to make sure you’re prepared to enter these turbulent waters. Graphic designers have become highly-recognizable, but they did not get there without some bumps along the way. It is recommended that you weight the pros and cons carefully before making your final decision.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.