International Animation Day – A Special Day In Life Of Animators And Artists

We all love Animation. Right? From our childhood, till we grow old, we just never forget these cartoons and animations. But Do you know, Which date is called as International Animation Day? Well, The answer to this question is 28 October

International Animation Day
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International Animation Day

This day (28 October) was proclaimed in 2002 by the ASIFA (International Animated Film Association) member of UNESCO to celebrate the art of animation. Along with joining the animation program, attending these kinds of events helps in networking with other industry experts.

During International Animation Day, many animated movies are screened and many workshops are organized with technical demonstrations of the art form.

John Halas stated, “we consider animation as a universal expression which is capable of immense contribution if given a chance.”

Full-length animation films, animated shorts, and student films from the United States and all over the world are shown in the workshops. These films display an extraordinary range of art form and techniques – drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects and 3d animation.

Regina Pessoa is a Portuguese Animator. Her short animated film, “Kali, the Little Vampire” was awarded the Hiroshima prize at the 2012 Hiroshima international animation festival.

Optical Theater (History Of Animation)

History of animation revolves around, Theatre Optique animated moving picture system invented by Emile Reynaud. Charles-Émile_Reynaud was the guy who created the first animated screening. The images were painted on a ribbon wound into a spool. While another spool unwound the ribbon as the images were projected on the screen.

Animation Day includes an impressive range of approaches, techniques, and goals.

Note (as per press release on Iad Asifa): This year, International Animation Day 2020 will be celebrated with the release of Spiritus Mundi: Animating the World as world spirit on October 28.

Did You Know?

Charles-Émile_Reynaud was the first guy behind the first animated screening.

Asifa poster

To celebrate the 2019 poster created by Giannis Koutsouris, ASIFA Central USA worked together to create a buggy exploration of the weird world of the poster.

Final Thoughts.

So, This was the article over International Animation Day. Please read press releases on this topic to widen your knowledge of animation art. And Whether you are an animator, special effects artist or video game artist, share this article with your friends and support each other.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.