Online 2D Animation Courses: Detailed Guide On Career In 2D

 2D Animation Online Courses

Learning Animation in today’s competitive market is one of the most challenging tasks which anyone willing to learn animation should understand. While Animation can be learned by joining any online 2d animation courses or by joining any animation school.

The craft of animation takes the time to learn and implement, doing mistakes, again and again, helps in becoming the master in the art of animation.

Online 2D Animation Courses
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Learning 2d animation online free is one of the tasks which many people can do by joining an art college, animation school, college or university. The animation is an art and art often takes a good amount of time to learn and master. People spend years to become an expert in this craft but many people even fail in understanding this craft and waste their precious time.

Joining art classes or sketching classes which create a strong base for animation by giving aspiring animators some solid lessons over life drawing. Understanding working in the 2d atmosphere, creating and maintaining shapes like circle, box and then working with human and animal drawings are a must for people who want to be an animator.

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2D Animation Training Online

2d animation online free
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Joining any 2d course, and knowing about animation from a top notch animator or professional. Joining such kind of training will cut the time to learn and help anyone to produce fast results and focus only on important things and avoid unnecessary stuff.

Don Bluth Training:

Don is around 80 years old and has worked on many of Disney’s projects, video games and even has been part of many books and has his own personal store. Any person who wants to be animator should join and watch those stuff and try to grab as much as possible.

More about Don can be found here. Those who want to learn from any other resource can also join other online animation courses over 2d. With the Internet spreading all over the world. There is not limit or restrictions for anyone who wishes to join a course, training or seminar from any part of the world.

List Of Movies and Games Don Has Worked.

  • Pete’s Dragon (1977).
  • The Small One (1978).
  • Banjo the Woodpile Cat (1979).
  • The Secret of NIMH (1982).
2D Animation Training Online
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Don has been in the industry of animation from a very long time. In such huge time, he has worked with Disney on many successful projects and learning from someone like him who has worked on classical animation projects will help anyone to learn animation in the right direction and growing very fast in this competitive industry.


Udemy is one of the websites, where anyone can find courses on almost in any category. Business, Arts, Seo, Content writing. Not everyone is lucky to be part of any big school or university. With the evolution of websites like Udemy, people can join courses for as low as 10 dollars and sometimes more. Learning any skill has not been any better before. With right tools, guidance and mindset anyone can kick-start his career.

2D Animation101.

2d Animation 101 website provides specialized training in 2d animation. However, more details about the course can be found on their website. Some of the topics which will be covered in the training of this program are:

  • How to turn an idea into a story.
  • Visualize the Story with a Storyboard.
  • Draw beautiful backgrounds for non-artists.
  • Character Design – Drawing your characters.
  • Record Voice Acting with your Smart Phone.
  • Get Music and Sound Effects for FREE.
  • Mixing Audio for Animation in Audacity.
  • Creating an Animatic – The Visualization.
  • Prepare Characters (Rigging using Bones).
  • Setting up a Scene and Camera Movement.
  • Animating Facial Expressions.
  • Putting all the Scenes together.

2D Animation online Courses

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Lynda is another website with tons of courses and information in form of videos from instructors and professionals from all over the world. Anyone joining can trust on the quality of information and

11 Second Club.

One of the famous free online forum and discussion website is 11secondclub. It is formed a long time back and is free to join even for newcomers. Every month they are organizing an online contest of 11-second animation which is free to join for everyone. The free sound is provided every month and the winner gets a professional critique on his video by professionals from Animation Mentor. Along with that, the 11-second club is very famous for learning more about Animation industry and even learning from mistakes and feedbacks from other animators across the globe.

Few Must Have Books In Animator’s Toolkit:

  • Animator survival kit by Richard Williams.
  • Disney’s The Illusion of life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.
  • Character Animation Crash course by Eric Goldberg.
  • Timing for Animation by Harold Whitakar.
  • Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair.
  • Directing the Story by Francis Glebas.
  • The Animators Workbook by Tony White.
  • Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators by Mike Mattesi.
  • Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation by Wayne Gilbert.
  • The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects by Isaac Victor Kerlow.
  • The Animation Book: A Complete Guide to Animated Filmmaking–From Flip-Books to Sound Cartoons to 3- D Animation by Kit Laybourne.

Career Options After Animation Courses.

With animation colleges and institutes offering high-end education for animation and graphics. Anyone with knowledge can apply in a good production house, media houses, online magazines. Here is the list of career options available to an artist who joined graphics and animation courses.

  • Scriptwriting.
  • Modeling.
  • Texturing.
  • Lighting and Rendering.
  • Character animation
  • Special effects.
  • Stop motion animation.
  • Production.

What any 2d artist should know to survive in the animation industry. Becoming multi-task artist sometimes there is a shortage of artist in the company and multi-task artist saves a lot of time for the company and also opens doors for his/ her career growth.

  • Designing Characters.
  • Storyboard Development.
  • Life Drawing.
  • Sketching.
  • Deep understanding of Colour sense.

Final Thoughts:

With Animation market becoming more tough, challenging and hard to survive, having strong basic skills of drawing can not only help anyone to survive longer but also giving him the competitive edge over others. there are even other online animation schools like Animation Mentor, Animschool, and IAnimate but they are mostly working in 3d.

We hope this article was able to open your mind over Online 2d Animation Courses. Thanks for visiting our website.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.