Top Graphic Designing And Video File Conversion Tools Which Can Make Your Life Easy

How These Graphic Designing And Video File Conversion Tools Are Shaping Your Workflow

If you are into the graphic design and/or videography industry whether doing image or video edits or performing small micro-tasks for your projects. Then you must understand and realize how important it is to work with tools for file conversion for various kinds of images, documents, audio, and video which can make your life easy. 

File Conversion Tools
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Below we have shared an awesome resource for video and graphic designers which are a must to understand and can help you in surviving in this creative industry. Not only they are easy to use but learning them quickly and using them in everyday smartly can increase your speed and help you develop a strong workflow.

TOP 5 File Converters.

There are many file formats that every mobile or computer cannot support. When you face this problem, you can take two steps:

  • Buy the application that supports the particular file format.
  • Use a desktop or online converter.

Obviously, the first option is more expensive. You must use a file converter in this situation. That is the reason the demand for file converter is increasing day by day. But, indeed, all file converters are not able to deliver the results as you want. We tested many desktop and online converters and selected the top 5 file converters to narrow down your search. Our list of top 5 file converter focuses on the security, output results, ease of use, and privacy. So let’s discuss them in details:

Online Convert Free.

Online Converter free
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As the name suggests, it is a free online converter and comes on the top of our list. It gives you a quick option to check the supported file formats. The best part about this converter is that it supports more than 50 file formats, including audios, videos, images, PDF, ebooks, DOC, etc. Moreover, you can convert multiple files at a time. We can say it is a complete package; you can use it as a single solution for various jobs. is also best known for its excellent output quality; it maintains the same standard as the original one without ruining the quality. Its user-friendly interface and drag and drop features make the conversion process more comfortable. 


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Zamzar is also a famous name in online file conversion tools because of its unique functions and features. This free online converter supports mp3, mp4, images, Word, PDF, Excel, FLV, and PowerPoint. It provides users with 1200+ active file conversion formats; that number is much more than the other tools.
Furthermore, it has active customer support that helps the users to solve their queries.

But it works differently than the other converters because you need to enter your email address to obtain your converted file. You can also upgrade the plan and manage your files in the inbox.

Wondershare UniConverter.

wondershare uniconverter
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Wondershare UniConverter is also one of the best desktop converters for Windows. If you want to convert big files with proper speed and quality, this converter should be your first choice. In addition to the high quality and speed, you also get video sharing, downloader, disc burner, and screen recorder.

The downside of this converter is that it supports only video file formats. But you cannot find the second converter that provides such kind of amazing video conversion.


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Filestar is another offline desktop converter that supports more than 20,000 file formats. It is an all-rounder with unlimited options. If you purchase this tool, you don’t need to buy any other. Other than file conversion, you can also manipulate the image. You have the option to add filters, resize, split, merge, rotate, and color adjustment. It provides you the excellent result when you convert a PDF file.

Another bonus is that it is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. With a paid version, you do not get ads and popup notifications. And it cares about your security by saving your files from being corrupt or attacked by the malware and hackers.

DocConverter Pro.

Docconverter pro
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DocConverter Pro is also one of the best document file converters for Windows. It claims to convert bulk documents in just a few seconds. Further, it supports almost all kinds of widely used file formats and provides you with tailored made templates to fit your needs. Many improvements have been made for improving the interface and functionality of the DocConverter Pro. You can buy this converter for sharing and storing the records of your documents.

Video File Conversion Tools

We have discussed two online and 3 desktop file converters. We can conclude that if you want to convert a few files, you must try For bulk documents, you should download a desktop converter.

Final Conclusion.

More visual content means more engagement and in this digital world, there is a huge demand for visual content that can attract visitors, generate revenue, generate more leads for businesses, and engagement increases on social media platforms by using strong visual content. Thanks to these online tools, you do need to have great expertise in these audio, video, and graphic tools. 

Just upload your file and set some filters and change some parameters and boom. Within a few seconds and minutes, your output is done. So the workload on the designer is reduced as he/she does not need to use some high-end software. Also, if you have very limited time and want quick results, these online and desktop tools could prove very helpful to you. As it can give quick results within no time. And, if your clients want to get the best value for their money, then presenting your presentation/ design or renders with appeal in your company would be key to impress your clients. 

So that was our list of the top video and editing tools. Having a strong command of these images and document desktop tools can give you an edge over your competitors. We hope this article was able to help you in increasing your knowledge over the best online converters regarding the conversion of different file formats including documents, images, audio, and video. Please read our other articles to improve your knowledge related to graphics, animation, and videos.

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