VFX Studios: The Magicians Behind Hollywood Blockbusters.

Have you ever wondered, How we see impossible things as possible in movies? VFX Studios is the answer to that. Visual effects are one of the biggest reason why Hollywood is able to produce such blockbusters and high-end 3d games.

What keeps ticking Entertainment industry is blending of skilled manpower with creativity and proper tools. Not only Visual Effects are responsible for a huge profit for many filmmakers has been depending a lot on proper resources.

VFX companies are not only constantly putting a lot of skilled manpower for the best output but also they produce stunning high quality renders responsible for generating a huge fan base from people all over the world. Video games and Movies are the reason VFX is in more demand than ever before.

VFX Companies
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VFX Studios

There are a huge number of Visual effects companies in all over the world. Companies which are bringing new technologies every year to entertain mass audiences from all over the world.

Visual Effects Studios In Canada

Canada is a hub for Animation and visual effects industries. A large number of universities are providing high-quality animation education to students from all over the world. Some of the students after graduation get placements in these awesome production houses.

Visual Effects Companies Toronto

Toronto, which has a large number of Visual effects studios are as follows gives a tough competition to all studios from the world. Few Studios from Toronto are as follows:

VFX Studios
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Soho VFX

Soho VFX is a high-end visual effects production house in Toronto founded in 2002 by Allan Magled, Berj Bannayan, and Mike Mombourquette. They have worked on movies like Logan and Fantastic Four and has a great reputation in the market.

Website: https://www.sohovfx.com

Spin VFX

Spin VFX is established in 1987 and is another popular studio in Toronto providing services for feature film and television. They have worked on a big list of movies like John Wick2, John Wick2, Dolphin Tale 2, The 5 Wave, Point Break, Haunting of Hill House.

Website: http://www.spinvfx.com/

Special Effects Studios In India

Indian VFX industry has changed a lot in the past decade and thanks to high-end 3d software and passionate skilled people who are responsible for such high quality stunning 3d work. India is raising its bar when it comes to special effects and animation. A lot of ads, tv serials and movies are coming every month and hundreds to thousands of artists work day and night to deliver high-quality computer graphics.

VFX Effects
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VFX Companies List In Chennai

Following is the list of few companies who are considered one of the best Visual effects companies in Chennai. They are giving a huge competition to Hollywood Studios and Helping India move ahead in the battle of 3d and visual effects.


BotVFX is a Visual effects company having offices in Atlanta and Chennai. The company offers foundational digital visual effects services such as prep & paint, rotoscopy, matchmove, rotomation, and asset development.

Website: https://www.botvfx.com

Phantom FX

Established in 2011, Phantom FX is one of the best VFX companies in India. It provides creative services to clients across the globe and has offices in Los Angeles and UK.

Website: http://www.phantom-fx.com/

Spellbound VFX

Spellbound Visual Effects & Animation is a production company from Chennai. With more than 10 years of experience in the Animation industry. They specialize in making outsourcing an entirely seamless component of post-production. They deliver high-quality results in Roto, Paint/Prep, Compositing, Matchmove, Rotomation and Animation services.

Website: http://spellboundvfx.com

VFX Companies In Mumbai

South India is a big hub for VFX companies and some of the major production studios exist there. Many Animation companies are there and they are leaders in providing high-quality Animation and VFX services.

Some of the companies for Visual effects in Mumbai are as follows:

AB Studios

This studio is Mumbai based company with 75 artists and provides services for VFX, Roto, Paint, Keying. This is a perfect place of highly skilled filmmakers, VFX Supervisors, producers, and creative staff.

Website: https://www.abvfxstudios.com/

Pixel Digital Studios

Pixel Digital Studios is a Mumbai based Post production house for VFX and CGI. It is serving Digital advertising production for clients. They create memorable and effective media content through years of experience in the film making industry with the utilization of the latest technology.

Website: http://www.pixeldstudios.com/

Creat FX Studios

CreatFX Studio is one of the most creative digital production studios producing in Mumbai providing groundbreaking animation, visual effects and design.

Their VFX division incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, they are one of best companies in India.

Website: http://creatfx.com/

Trace VFX

Founded in 2010, Trace is the world’s leader in Visual Effects prep outsourcing. Their staff of 550 has delivered over 40,000 high-quality shots for companies around the globe, big and small.

They produce the highest quality work by nurturing the best people. Trace VFX is not a factory, but are a consistent and responsible partner for the world’s VFX industry.

Website: https://www.tracevfx.com/

VFX Companies in Bangalore

Visual Connections

Visual connections is one of the most interactive companies in Bangalore. They have one of the best and most hardworking VFX teams in Bangalore to create the most astonishing and even more realistic visual effects to hook and capture the audience.

Website: http://www.visualconnections.in

Special effects
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Dhruva Interactive

Dhruva is one of the most oldest and reputed 3d Animation and Effects companies from India. They focus on Concept Art, Console Art, Animation and VFX and this company is a dream to many artists from India.

Website: https://dhruva.com/vfx.php

Spirit VFX

Spirit VFX is specialized in Roto, Matchmove, Compositing, and Paint. They are in the industry for 2 decades and have worked with a huge number of clients. They were also responsible for the latest blockbuster Bahubali which grossed huge money at box office.

Website: http://spiritvfx.com

List Of VFX Companies Los Angeles

Special Effects
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The United States is a hub for the Animation industry and some of the best Visual Effects Companies of Los Angeles are as follows:

Augustus Films

Augustus Films is a Creative video, Motion Graphics, Animation, and VFX studio in Los Angeles. Currently, they are working on several TV, film, and broadcast development projects. They have worked with clients from all parts of the world and bringing quality content to millions of consumers.

Website: https://www.augustusfilms.com/

Cosa VFX

Coas VFX is a Los Angeles based Visual effects company which has worked with companies like Disney, Marvel, ABC, Warner Bros, Bad Robot, FOX, CBS, HBO, Netflix and Sony.

Their work can be seen in Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Westworld, Stranger Things, Lethal Weapon, The Conjuring 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Website: https://www.cosavfx.com/

Muse VFX

Muse VFX is an award-winning production house in Los Angeles. They provide visual effects for episodic broadcast, feature film, commercials, and special venue projects. Their team consists of award-winning artists which can handle projects of any scale, any complexity, any resolution.

Website: http://www.musevfx.com

Final thoughts

So, This was the article on some of the best VFX Studios in the world. Having a fascination for strong creatures, makeup and effects are something which every kid loves and many among them desire to go and join Hollywood.

Its a fantastic career opportunity for them and a gateway to success. We hope you like the article and please stay tuned for the next article.

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