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Welcome to Animation Alerts.

Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can’t create it if you don’t have one.

Animation Alerts is a platform for animation enthusiasts and to help people who are passionate about animation and graphics and are looking forward to making their career in the Animation and Graphics Industry. Our sole aim is to provide real value to our readers without information overload. Thanks for visiting our website and we wish you a great career ahead in this skillful industry of Animation and Graphics Professionals. Let’s get alerts on your social media platforms and become part of our journey to help everyone.

About me

I am Tarun Bhardwaj from New Delhi, India. I am the owner of this platform Animation Alerts. I started my career in Animation and Graphics in 2009 when i was selected to work on Tv series named CricX, a 3d animation project developed by Maya Entertainment Studio which was broadcasted on Disney Channel. Later I joined an  E-learning and Animation studio, polished my skills, and worked on many International and Domestic projects for Animation and Graphics. Later, I created this website so that people from all over the world will find a proper place for their doubts, information, and the latest news.

How I Got Idea Of Starting Animation Alerts?

When I was a student of Animation and Graphics, I faced a lot of problems and with not enough support and guidance around me, I had to Google to learn and understand those things. Sometimes these things took a lot of time and energy and one day I thought of providing all of that information to animation students in one place. And this is how AnimationAlerts was born.

Important Information

All of the images, videos, and logos on this website are not our property. We do not claim to be the owner of these images and videos. We believe in giving credit to their original sources or owners. If you have a problem with our content, Feel free to contact us and we will remove it right away.

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