9 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Explainer Videos

The digital world is constantly evolving and today to sustain in the market it is crucial to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Explainer videos are the buzzword in the digital marketing industry right now. People may come across explainer videos every now and then but may not be aware of it. This blog is all about the explainer videos, their importance and how organizations are partnering with top multimedia & animation companies for outsourcing their explainer video requirements.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer video

An explainer video is basically a short clip that a business can use to quickly introduce about its products or services. Simply with a few minutes of content, explainer videos can enable a business to quickly grab consumer’s attention. An explainer video is considered to be the ideal way of marketing as it appeals to both auditory as well as visual senses. However, it is necessary to craft explainer videos that are not only engaging and fun but also deliver informative and clear messages. Only these types of explainer videos can only leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audience.

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Below are a few instances where a brand ‘must’ use explainer videos:

  • Launching a new product.
  • To explain business services.
  • Deliver an idea/message to customers/prospects.

Why Should Brands Count on Explainer Videos?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Informative content in videos helps attract a large consumer audience.
  • Detailed product information can be shared with explainer videos.
  • Boost in visitor count will lead to a boost in sales.

Benefits Of Explainer Videos For A Business

Animated explainer video
Source – Animationalerts

Builds Trust & Credibility

The first and foremost step to earn the trust of customers is to engage with them. They should feel that some efforts are being put to reach them. And in today’s time, nothing is more engaging than an explainer video telling everything about the company’s products/services.

Boosts Sales & Conversions.

The entire purpose of a video marketing campaign is to encourage consumers to take some action. It could be purchasing a product from the website or signing up for an email subscription. Explainer videos are a great way to encourage prospects to convert.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Including an explainer video on the homepage will lead visitors to spend more time on the website. More interacting or engaging with a website will ensure the reduction in the bounce rate of the website.

Improves Engagement Metric

A good explainer can hit the right cord with the audience as it will appeal to their emotions. As an explainer video is generally meant to address customers’ problems and provide a solution to their problems, people will be inspired to take action on their emotions.

Improves SEO Rankings

Session duration and user engagement metrics are the crucial search engine ranking signals. When visitors spend more time on a website watching explainer videos, both these metrics get a boost. Thus, this is how explainer videos help in improving SEO rankings of a website.

Reflects Brand Image

The culture and personality of a brand is a crucial element when it comes to connecting with the audience. It is quite difficult to convey emotions via text alone. So, explainer videos actually turn out to be a great way to represent a brand’s culture.

Multiple Use Cases

Explainer videos are short and universal enough to transfer easily whenever required. Once it is ready, an explainer video can be used in multiple contexts. Explainers can be posted on YouTube or any other social channels, embedded in the homepage of a website, or even used as a feature on the landing page.

Helps Attract New Prospects & Retain Old Customers

Although the primary purpose of an explainer video is to reach out to new audiences, it can prove to be equally useful for existing customers. This is especially true when a product/service has a learning curve. In such a situation, explainer videos will act as a tutorial.

Provides Better ROI

Explainer videos have already proved to be successful for engaging visitors and converting them into potential customers. There is less investment in explainer videos as compared to ads. So, basically with a smaller investment there are higher returns. Moreover, it is also possible to track the performance of these videos.

Popular Brands Leveraging Explainer Videos 


Even if all the reasons cited above are not good enough to make you invest in explainer videos, then, here is a list of some of the popular brands that are using explainer videos. This should be good enough proof that explainer videos hold a significant importance in today’s digital world. An important thing to note here is that all of the brands mentioned here belong to different industries.

  • Uber
  • McDonald’s
  • Instagram
  • American Express
  • Nestle
  • Amazon Prime
  • Airbnb
  • Burger King
  • Heineken
  • Tesco

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That’s A Wrap! 

It is clear from the above list that businesses from any industry can leverage explainer videos. It is possible to create a Do-It-Yourself explainer video but keep in mind that the quality of an explainer video is directly proportional to its success. An explainer video should be the perfect mix of a good script, storyboarding, background score, voiceover, music, and animation too. Therefore, hiring experts to create an explainer video is hands down the best way to go about it.

All of the above-mentioned reasons are sufficient to start implementing explainer videos in a business. They will yield way more benefits for a business as compared to the required investment. In fact, the number of benefits are so overwhelming that probably an explainer video will be required to explain all of them! So, this is the right time to get started with explainer videos for a business as people across the globe use videos for purposes ranging from creating awareness to presenting reviews. Get started and make the most out of explainer videos!

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