Fun Facts About Animation

What Are Some Interesting Fun Facts About Animation?

Animation Fun facts

Animation plays an important role in the entertainment industry. Even small clips and short videos take a lot of time to develop. Things are not as simple as it looks behind the scenes in animated films. But the coolest part is, there are some really cool and interesting fun facts about animation industry. What exactly are they? Let’s find out.

What makes animation so interesting?

Storytelling, cuteness, and doing fascinating things that are hard to replicate in real life. When all of these are combined it adds a lot of appeal to animation films.

Who was the first animator?

There was a French cartoonist named Émile Cohl. He is also called the father of animation because of his 1908 film, Fantasmagorie.

Why do people enjoy animating?

Animation is a form of art that entertains us. It can help you in exploring different cultures, countries, and creativity. Also, the combination of storytelling with strong visuals catches our attention. Small kids have a big craze for them and they start relating their personal lives to movies like snow white and the seven dwarfs.

One more interesting case is animating using zoetrope which is not limited to cartoon animation on the screen. A Zoetrope is basically a rotating series of models which are incrementally different and arranged in a ring which is then rotated and flashed by a strobe light. Each model represents a ‘frame’ of animation and the flashing strobe allows you to see the sequence come to life before your eyes.

You can look at these awesome zoetropes from Studio Ghibli and Pixar:

Why do cartoons have 4 fingers?

Drawing four fingers of 2d cartoon characters instead of five is easy and can save a lot of time for many animation artists and money for production studios.

Who is the oldest Disney character?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the oldest Disney character. A young Walt Disney came and created Oswald back in 1928. This was for a black-and-white silent 2d animation film. One of the famous short movies, created during the great depression, Confidence (1933) movie directed by Bill Nolan invoke emotions and entertained everyone. Therefore, it gained huge popularity during that time.

Have you ever wondered what inspires the animators to make a certain character or the entire production and behind the scenes?

Animation is the process of bringing inanimate objects to life through movement. It involves designing, drawing, creating storyboard layouts, sound design, and preparation of photographic sequences through an effective medium of storytelling. Their concept involves adding emotion and entertain the audience while the special effects department adds more visual tricks to the project.

How Old Animations Really Are?


According to film historians, Émile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie (1908) is the first film created to invoke emotions with traditional animation techniques, So it is called as the very first true animated movie.

How fast do animators draw?

Well, they can draw both on paper as well in animation software. Also, That depends on how many animators you’re willing to hire. But a senior animator with an experience of 15 years is capable of drawing 100 frames per day. The faster he or she is, the faster he/she will churn out the frames. This would lead to quicker production for the animation studios.

Who do you think is the wealthiest animator ever?

With a net worth of $5 Billion dollars, Walter Disney is at the top of this list in the world. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy are some of the kid’s favorite animation cartoons made by Walt Disney.

Who gave the principle of animation?

Two famous animators, Ollie Johnston, and Frank Thomas were the men behind the principles of animation. This famous duo was two of Disney’s famous Nine Old Men (even Walt Disney himself would call them this). Even in today’s time, these techniques are used by all big schools and productions, and in the history of animation, they will be remembered forever.

Who invented rotoscope animation?

In 1915, the rotoscope technique was invented by Max Fleischer. He created the animated character Koko the Clown in the early 1900s for the Out of the Inkwell series.

Did you know that Toy Story was the first animation to utilize 3D Technology?

Toy Story was the first 3d computer-animated movie. But before that Pixar has already used this technology to create a lot of short movies. Computer animation was used at that time. Later on, it gained popularity after the success of those movies. Since then, A lot of 3d animation movies are made. And big studios like DreamWorks animation have created some very famous movies like how to train your dragon. In order to achieve their goals, animators had to attend flight school so they would study flight physics. And after understanding flight physics and the movements, they were able to understand the movements of different creatures and that was an important part of the success of that project.

Do you also sometimes find it challenging to understand what Bugs Bunny says?

It is quite amazing that in that series, “What’s up, doc?” was so much strong line in this series. It instantly became his catchphrase and gained huge popularity among kids.

How moving effect is created in animation?

The optical illusion is the reason for creating the moving effect. And before that, Artists are given storyboards of the sequences which are written after a recording session as well as the audio tracks of the pre-recorded voices for those sequences. And when a sequence of still images is added in quick succession, it creates a moving effect.

Do you know the Most expensive animation?

Tangled (2010) by Disney animation is the most expensive animated movie ever made. The Lion King (2019) also tops the list with the same budget of $260 million.

He’s the most famous mouse in animation, hell, probably the most famous mouse in history, but did you know that this icon of animation is actually a knock-off?

Mickey was created out of necessity because Oswald the luck rabbit became the property of Universal Studios since he was produced on their payroll. This event not only caused Disney to develop the iconic character Mickey Mouse but also ensured that in the future he should work on characters to which he owned the rights.

Did you know that the characters from the little mermaid had real-life counterparts?

As an animation enthusiast, this sounds really fascinating, but it is very true. During the entire animation process, the entire team of The Little Mermaid decided to have real-life counterparts of their characters (Prince and Ariel) so that they can act as real life references for their project. This decision about the inclusion of reference models helped those artists to fully understand how to fully understand their animated characters and how to draw some actions and improvisations.

Did you know that the lamp from a Pixar opening has a name?

Luxo junior is the name of the famous lamp which appears in the Pixar animation intro.

Are Animation And Multimedia The Same Thing?

Animation is a form of multimedia where reference models of actors are studied and movements of different still frames take place while multimedia is the combination of videos, images, graphics, sound and text, etc. There are different kinds of programs and courses. And depending on the specialization program in which they would have the option to choose from different career choices.

Final Words:

So That was all about some really cool animation fun facts. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please visit our other informative articles to enhance your knowledge on CGI and becoming a master.

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