How to Change Your Career from Graphic Design to UX Design

How To Change Your Career From Graphic Design To UX Design

Graphic design is a career that is fully connected with general people’s idea of design. Accordingly, graphic designers are capable of creating some of the most beautiful and ubiquitous designs for us. As demand for digital products has drastically increased, the design industry has moved to interactivity as well.

Presently, designers do not only create good-looking designs but also exhibit superior usability of products these designs are made for. This has also led companies to hire skillful UX designers to make sure their customers get a positive digital experience. Simply put UX designers are as much in demand as software engineers or developers.

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What is UX Design?

Generally, UX design refers to a process of improving user satisfaction by enhancing the overall accessibility, usability, and enjoyment in the interaction between the buyer and the product. While UX design can be applied for all products, it can also be comprehended in the context of creating websites, mobile apps, and other digital products.

Translating Graphic Designing into UX Designing

There are several overlapping skills in graphic and UX designing. You may naturally shift your career if you already have strong designing skills. However, it is vital to understand what is similar and what is different in these two disciplines.
On the whole, shifting to a new career can be daunting since there is so much to know and you might be confused about where to start. Below are the main steps to be taken for moving a career to UX design.
1. Learning UX skills through specialized courses offered by universities.
2. Practicing UX design skills after you have educated yourself with the necessary education program.

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Things to Know

As mentioned earlier, graphic design and UX design have many skills in common hence you should know the different end goals and responsibilities of both the disciplines.

Collaborative Design Process

UX design is more about interaction with people to understand them. Therefore, it is essential for a UX designer to have strong communication skills so they can get along well with others for different reasons, such as, understanding people’s motivations and requirements.

Product Research and Analysis

UX design professionals focus on generative and evaluative research. Here, it is important to remember that product research is not restricted to a single point in the overall designing process since it can be done before, during and after a design is implemented.
Conducting research and testing is an important responsibility of UX design. If you want to shift your career from graphic design to UX design, make sure you spend plenty of time learning the basics of conducting product research and analysis.

Iterative Problem Solving

UX design can also be known as an iterative problem-solving technique that may be different from the customary linear practice of graphic design. When it comes to UX design, there is no final solution for a problem because the constant search is considered as the only best solution. This further means UX design process has no end since this will constantly adjust as per user feedback.

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Unlimited learning

UX design is an ever-changing field which is why UX designers need to continuously learn in order to create the best products always. Every time UX designers approach a new market, they find new challenges for them which can only be met by constant learning.

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