How To Animate For Beginners – Complete Guide To Learn Animation By Self

Often people who are struggling to get into the industry, How To Animate For Beginners. The Best thing is to create a small schedule, follow some Animation books like Animator Survival kit and take some art classes and start experimenting with animation examples.

how to animate for beginners

How To Animate For Beginners

To understand animation, first understand how frame by frame movement works. Read guides, Watch movies of animation tv serials which are having varieties of animation. Watch interviews of influential people in Animation industry. take feedbacks from experts, work on sketching, improve life drawing. try to observe more and more from real life. And you will start feeling you are falling in love with animation.

Animation Career As Path

Often people struggle to learn animation and even build a base for animation. Follow this article and you will never be on wrong track. Not only becoming an animator or making career in visual graphics is challenging and tough, but it is rewarding and fruitful if you cross all tough hurdles and barriers in your ways.

In your early part of career you can choose any kind of animation software for beginners, and once you get a hold and grasp of animation fundamentals, you can choose more advanced animation software like Maya, 3ds Max etc.

You Know You Are An Animator

When do you know you are an animator? Of course after learning principles and after doing some animation exercises which can bring confidence in you.

Following free forums like 11secondclub can also help having exposure to other people’s work and getting critique in your work.

(This list needs to grow, your contributions are most welcome,
pour your creative suggestions in the form of comments below). Following are few points which you should consider while you are working or having observations from real life.

  • When you start counting time in frames not seconds, hours and days.
  • When you freak out people at public places by staring at all their little and big movement.
  • When the mention of the word “Curves” always conjures up an image of the fcurve editor in your mind.
  • When you can’t enjoy a single movie as a normal human and try to figure out how they did it.
  • When your dreams mostly consist of a huge gate with Pixar Studios sign on it.
  • When a bad relationship is nothing but bad poses and wrong timing for you.
  • When you start counting how many times your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ wife/ husband blink in 5 minutes.
  • When you seriously think life is but a stage.
  • When every morning you stare at your bathroom mirror trying to make weird faces just to figure out how your facial muscles work.
  • When every moving object in the world amazes you.
  • When your nephew takes advice from you for his career! (Deepit Magee)
  • When I got my first salary cheque!
  • When you start to see everything that moves with a trajectory line. (Carlos Rivas)
  • When whatever experience you have gone through in life, comes in frames. (Murtuza Rangwala)
  • When you start imagining objects, animals behaving like yourself and opposite to it !! (Sagar Arankalle)
  • When you look at any person in the world and you see his as your modeled character, his/her hand leg movements give
    you count of frames, rendering etc…then you wake up suddenly and you see your spouse shouting angrily …”you are late
    for work” and reality hits you-you are a modeled character yourself – your company boss puppets you…that’s when you
    are a 3d artist/animator…lol. (Vivek)
  • When they feel about it . . . (Prashant Saxena)
  • When dreams are in wire frame. (Mentalnils)
  • When you dream in polygons…not by choice. (Jason)
  • When you notice the lack of antic in Online Poker Commercials. (Tony Bexley)
  • When you see the world through your eyes and at the same time your brain is thinking “how can I model it”.
  • When you tail people on the sidewalk just to watch how they walk.
  • You start acting like a cartoon, even when it’s not for reference.

Challenges Of Being An Animator

Often animation industry is full of challenges and this creative industry has huge demands and requires a special skill set to survive in long run.

  • To meeting pressure deadlines constantly.
  • Creativity has to keep improving from time to time and putting yourself on path of constant learning.

So This was all about facing hard life and challenges of becoming animator and discussing over HOw to Animate for beginners. We hope you enjoyed this article so never feel shy to discuss more about it in comments and making this post more interactive and also please share it to your social media channels to spread this article among Animation Community.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.