Finding Santa_A Christmas Adventure


“One thing is for sure; if you want to get into the right mood for the upcoming Christmas season, this is undoubtedly the movie for you,” wrote Film Topp.

Finding Santa_A Christmas Adventure
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Finding Santa_A Christmas Adventure

Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 29, 2019) – TRICOAST ENTERTAINMENT – The family-animation ‘FINDING SANTA’ will be digitally released on streaming platforms Dec. 3rd.

Just in time for the holiday season, TriCoast Entertainment will digitally release director Jacob Ley’s (The Secret Life of the Ice Flower) Swedish/Danish animated feature, FINDING SANTA (aka ‘Den magiske juleæske’), a heartwarming tale to be enjoyed by all ages.

Written by Ley and Sanne Munk Jensen, “The animation is mainly stop motion. This minimalistic form of animation makes a great appeal to the creativity of the makers, at both story and animation level,” wrote Film Topp.

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As a beautifully animated Christmas tale, FINDING SANTA takes place in a small orphanage located in the snowy Danish countryside. Inside live eight children, one of whom is Julius – an eight-year-old boy who is obsessed with Christmas. But when he faces conflict with two other children, Greger and Pip, Julius hides inside his Christmas box – only for it to take flight with magical powers into a winter wonderland world. Julius adventures are just beginning, as he faces the scary Krampus, who has taken over the Winterland and Tomten, leaving it up to Julius to find Tomten. Along the way, Julius receives help from unlikely friends – a golden angel and a living marzipan pig.

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Full of enchanting animation and delight, FINDING SANTA is a holiday feature that will reinforce beliefs in the Christmas holiday, appealing to all ages.

FINDING SANTA is a sweet and gentle animated film,” wrote The Inner Circle.

TriCoast Entertainment will release FINDING SANTA onto various digital platforms on Dec. 3 (Amazon, iTunes, InDemand, DirecTV, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, FlixFling, AT&T, Hoopla, Google Play, FANDANGO, Sling/Dish). For more information or press inquiries, please contact

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FINDING SANTA stars voiceovers from Herman Knop (The Christmas Family 2), nominated actor Claus Bue (The Danish Girl, The Prince and Me), Lars Hjortshøj (Journey to Saturn),

Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt (The Rain, Follow The Money, The Day Will Come), multi-award-winning actress Bodil Jørgensen (The Idiots, Nothing’s All Bad, The Green Butchers), Rasmus Bjerg (The Way to Mandalay, Flame & Citron) and award-winning actor Dennis Storhøi (The 13th Warrior, The Saboteurs).

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FINDING SANTA (2017, 80 min.) Directed by Jacob Ley. Written by: Jacob Ley, Sanne Munk Jensen. Producers: Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes, Rodrigo Villalobos, Fie Ørnsø.Editor: Elin Pröjts. Original music: Morten Dalsgaard.Swedish, English. Copenhagen Bombay, TriCoast Entertainment.

Production Company:

Copenhagen Bombay.

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