Online Animation schools: A Smart Gateway to Big Dreams of Movies and Gaming

Online Animation Schools

With the huge demand for the entertainment for skillful animators and visual effects, Online Schools for Animation has proven to be the first choice for the people who are looking forward to making their careers in the Animation industry. Some of the best animation schools online are opened by animation and visual effects industry veterans. A lot of aspiring animators every join animation industry courses as they are very keen to join this amazing industry that offers a rewarding high paying career in the world of video gaming, movies, online media, commercials, and advertising. Learning animation has always been a passion for young enthusiasts who have big dreams this highly competitive industry and One good thing about these online schools is that their students will be learning from professionals which are working in big production houses on Hollywood movies and games. So students can learn what is new in the market and that can help them in learning the latest standard of the industry. To learn about how exactly Computer Animation works, you have to join an animation school.

Online Animation schools
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With animation industry becoming more and more competitive, it is not easy for any new artist to get a job easily. Keeping that in mind one of Pixar’s animators Booby Beck launched Animation Mentor in March 2005. It was the first time anything like online education over animation became popular. Very soon it was joined by hundreds and later on by thousands of animators from all over the globe. Often people are looking for courses and wonder how to learn animation at home, after this post you will be able to know what is working then animation industry and how to choose a great animation school.

Best Online Schools To Learn Animation

Animation Mentor

Founded in 2005 by former Pixar’s animator Bobby, Shawn Kelly, and Carlos Baena. Animation Mentor was the first online animation school which started giving high-quality animation education focussing only on character animation. Their students have worked with big industry brands and have been very successful in their careers. Animation classes for beginners cover some basics of Maya for those who are new to this industry and needs an introduction over how to work on this software.

Courses available:

  • Character Animation program (18 months).
  • Along with character animation program, Animation Mentor provides, Specially designed workshops and lectures on demand for specific topics like Game Animation combat attacks, Creature animation: Flight or fight, Storyboarding fundamentals, Cartoony animation for 3d Animators etc.

Total fees: $14,994.

For more details, check their links:

Animation Mentor Blog

Animation Mentor Youtube Channel

Animation Mentor Twitter

Animation Mentor Google Plus


IAnimate is another online school for learning animation, opened by industry veteran Jason Ryan who has worked as senior animation director in Dreamworks Animation studio. Jason has a sharp eye over animation and he was teaching animation before forming IAnimate at his personal website JasonRyanAnimation where he has a lot of training materials related to Animation basics, Ramp up Tutorials, Webinars, free Character Boris and much more. Jason uses the approach of animating his shots first in Flipbook and then in Maya.

IAnimate is further considered as an extending training where Jason teaches a variety of courses along with the team of talented Hollywood professional animators. Along with that IAnimate is considered an amazing place to learn animation because of its curriculum which offers a lot over Game Animation. Game Animation studios are in a huge number in the US and the exposure from IAnimate offers them high-quality education under affordable price.

Courses available:

  • Feature Animation.
  • Game Animation.
  • Creature Animation.
  • Lighting and Compositing.
  • Motion Capture.
  • Rigging.
  • Modeling and Maya Introduction.
  • Pre-Visualisation.
  • Acting for Live Reference.

These are some of the course which makes this program wonderful and student who are serious to get a break in the animation industry, should consider this awesome program.

Total fees: Animate workshops come in two categories.

  • 1 Creature, Game,  Feature Animation.

7 Workshops which are 11 weeks long and has the price of $1,698 per workshop. For more over workshops and prices, Contact Ianimate.

  • 2 Rigging, Lighting, MotionCapture, Pre-visualisation, Intro to Maya modeling.

4 workshops which are 11 weeks long and has the price of $999 per workshop. For more over workshops and prices, Contact Ianimate.

For more details, check their links:


Ianimate Youtube channel

Ianimate Vimeo channel

IAnimate Blog


Animschool is another online animation school founded by Dave Gallagher who has worked at prestigious Blue Sky Studios as Character development supervisor, animator, and Rigger and is also known as the man behind the famous Scrat character. Animschool is very much similar to Animation Mentor and IAnimate. Providing high-quality animation by top notch industry artists who are working in the famous Hollywood Studios is the priority of Animschool.

Courses available:

  • 3D Animation program.
  • 3D Character program.

Total fees: $14,994.

For more details, check their links:

Animschool Website

Animschool Blog

Animschool Youtube channel

Animschool twitter

You can also live chat on their website and ask your doubts related to their programs. They also offer free character rigs to download by following their Terms and Conditions. These Free download rigs for practicing animation are not for commercial use and can be good starting by practicing animation exercises and learning animation fundamentals by just submitting your details and getting a download link for them.

They have 2 programs and each program consists of 7 levels/track or modules. Each track is 11 weeks long covering all aspects of character animation, character creation, Maya modeling, sculpting with ZBrush, animation for games, acting, facial animation and much more. There are certain softwares and requirements like fast internet connection, some books which are building blocks for animators and are a must on their shelves.

Some must have Books for Animators:

  • Animator survival kit by Richard Williams.
  • Disney’s The Illusion of life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.
  • Character Animation Crash course by Eric Goldberg.
  • Timing for Animation by Harold Whitakar.
  • And few more, check here.

So this was the article by us over Online Schools over Animation. We are sure you will love the article and we are damn sure you will be able to choose a good animation school now after reading this post. Just follow links mentioned above and choose the best school suited to your needs. All schools have Hollywood professionals which will help you build your confidence and learning from industry veterans will help you build a solid demo reel and having industry connections will sure help you in a great career. Thanks for visiting our website.

I am a former Animator and Graphic Designer who has worked on many International and Domestic projects and Tv series and E-learning projects. I created Animation Alerts so that people who are struggling to learn animation can learn this craft and grow together.